The two months spent in preparing this trip have been nerve wrecking, so many problems, so much bureaucracy, the obstacles many, much was the information to be processed as well. Finally, I take some time to myself, as suggested by Alastair Humphreys, I take my bike the backpack with water, something to eat, a sweatshirt and a T-shirt, tent, sleeping-mat, headlight and little else. After a few kilometres by bike I get to my friend’s Daniele and I leave the bike there. I continue on foot to the summit of

Retrospectively a trip like this requires an active organization of at least six months / one year. Doing everything in two months as I did with no previous experience of cycle touring or camping is half of a disaster or a disaster waiting to happen as I’ve been branded in a facebook group about bike touring. August 2014 – After playing with the idea to travel along the Pan-American Highway with a few friends with a 4×4 truck or motorbike, as the years go by and nothing happens, I finally

It’s official, my dream is coming true. It was hard to organize everything in such a short time: much stress, many obstacles, many people to thank for making my dream come true. I almost gave up and postpone it but now it’s the right time, postponing it felt giving up forever. August here is autumn and the temperature are dropping fast, I’m already late. Now it’s time to put pedals to good use. I’m already in Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, precisely at Brooks Camp. I arrived last night and I